Executive Creative Director & Entrepreneur

Tim Jones

Kentucky. The Bluegrass State, Bourbon Country…the birthplace of America’s Native Spirit and Tim Jones. Tim was born to be a storyteller and a brand builder, ingrained in whiskey culture.

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Executive Creative Director

Cornett: Sazerac Bourbon

Tim Jones’s brand building career spans over 16 years with 10 years being at Cornett.

Discovery Channel

TV Host

Tim Jones is the host alongside Tim Smith of Moonshiners and Devin Mills.

Master Distiller, Ride with Norman Reedus

TV Appearances

Tim is also a frequent guest judge on Discovery Channel’s Master Distiller. Other notable TV appearances include AMC’s Ride with Norman Reedus.

Founder & CEO

Gents Original

It’s no surprise that Tim and his wife created their own cocktail mix company. Established in 2014 and inspired by their booze travels Tim got to work to create the best cocktail mix possible.

Founding Partner

Boonedogs Restaurant & Bar

When asked why open a restaurant and bar during a pandemic Tim’s response is “Every great city has a great hot dog place, we were just tired of waiting on someone else to do it.”